Aluminium Roller Shutters

Designed for strong functional security and peace of mind, the ARCO Commercial Aluminium Shutter offers exceptional protection, with aesthetic appeal.  It features an extended aluminium slat with a bevelled external face.  The Shutter can be part or fully slotted and can come with or without dust proof infills that assist in airflow and visibility.

  • Shopping Centres, high security areas
  • Custom built at our premises
  • Block-out design OR
  • Slotting design to maintain airflow and visibility
  • Motorised or Manual
  • ARCO service/maintenance contracts available
  • DEEWR Code Compliant
  • Aust Standards

Constructed of clear polycarbonate extrusions having a depth of 100mm interlocking with symmetrical aluminium extruded members of 30mm to form a continuous hinge. Each aluminium member is fitted with moulded end clips to prevent lateral movement and provide smooth operation within the side guides.

Side Guide: 

50mm x 33mm extruded aluminium with false back for concealing fixings. Optional Nylofelt Buffer available.

Locking: Can be centrally mounted, two-way mortice Key Lock or sliding shoot bolt locking mounted within the bottom rail.
Bottom Rail: 90mm x 48mm extruded aluminium section incorporating locking device and concealed locking rods and optional PVC buffer.

Manufactured from 90mm x 40mm mild steel.

 Roller Drum:
Manufactured from 229mm spiral ducted tube attached to self-lubrication drum wheels and bearings rotating on a 34mm steel shaft. The shaft is fitted with helical springs designed to counterbalance the curtain weight throughout its operation. The drum is designed to give minimum deflection over the span.
 Mullions: Are two pieces of extruded aluminium section that can be set to any angle and used for wide openings and multiple door installations. Mullions are ‘lift out type’ with shoot bolts to base. Special wide mullions fabricated from aluminium sheet may be used when two grilles meet at an angle & no room exists for stacking.
Designed for manual hand operation as standard, chain and motorisation is optional.
Finish: Available in anodised and powder coated finish