Slimline Shutter

The Slimline Shutter is a roll up door constructed from a narrow 42mm aluminium slat.  It rolls up in a tight bundle making it a perfect choice for canteens, bench tops and serveries.  The Slimline offers strength, durability and style.

  • Commercial & Retail, Applications
  • Bar tops, Counter tops, doorways, bottle shops, sports complexes
  • Custom built at our premises
  • Motorised or Manual
  • ARCO service/maintenance contracts available
  • DEEWR Code Compliant
  • Aust Standards

The curtain is formed with interlocking extruded aluminium slats.  The slats have a face width of 42mm and are fitted with nylon end clips to ensure  smooth operation of the door and life long performance free from lubrication.

Side Guide:

An aluminium channel forms the guide/track.  It has a section of 37mm x 25mm the guide may be fixed behind a jamb or fixed against a sidewall.  When the channel is fixed to a sidewall the opening width is reduced by 37mm per side.


Two types of locking are available, two way mortice Key Lock or sliding shoot bolt locking.  Locks are fitted to the bottom rail.

Bottom Rail: The bottom rail is an extruded aluminium T section attached to the bottom of the curtain.  Its large section, 70mm x 48mm accommodates the locks and   provides a strond point for users to pull the door open.

Manufactured from 90mm x 40mm mild steel

 Roller Drum:
Due to its small section, the Slimline Shutter can roll up around a very small (100 diameter) drum.  Drum sizes of 150mm and 229mm are also available depending on the application.
 Mullions: Are two pieces of extruded aluminium section that can be set to any angle and used for wide openings and multiple door installations. Mullions are ‘lift out type’ with shoot bolts to base. Special wide mullions fabricated from aluminium sheet may be used when two grilles meet at an angle & no room exists for stacking.

Designed for manual hand operation as standard, motorisation is optional but only where a 229mm diameter drum can be accommodated.

Finish: Available in anodised and powder coated finish