Hide-away Hydraulic Door

The ARCO Hide-away Hydraulic Door allows you to maximise ground space whilst providing the perfect secure concealed room/garage.  Ground space can be a premium, so why waste it on a ramp whose only purpose is to provide access to an underground car park, wouldn’t you prefer an aesthetically pleasing area which can be fully utilized above and below ground.


  • Residential/Commercial/Industrial
  • Custom built for all structural requirements and architectural designs
  • Privacy Assured, Concealed Entry
  • Extensive range of cladding and materials available
  • Motorised with extensive control options
  • Over 1,000 cycles easily obtained per day
  • ARCO service/maintenance contracts available
  • DEEWR Code Compliant
Frame Construction: 

Painted R.H.S., Hot Dip Galvanized RHS (Optional)
Which conform to Aust Standards AS1170, AS1250 

Frame Finish: 

Two pack paint, Duragal with silver touch up
Prime coated
Hot Dip Galvanised

Optional Extras: UPS (Battery Back-up systems)
Laser scanning optical protection system
Flashing Lights
Control Bollards
Rotating Beacons
Traffic Lights
Strobe Lights
Audible Alarms
Fire Alarm Inputs
Transmitter Controlled
GSM Controlled and Swipe Cards
Standard Cladding: Checker Plate
 Hydraulic: Heavy Duty Double Acting Hydraulic Rams
 Motorisation: 3 Phase & Independently designed for each application
 Controls In a lockable metal enclosure, PLC Logic Control, Contactors
Send/Receive or Reflective type photocells, Keypad/Switch operation, induction loop & detector
Compatible with most Building Management, CBUS & Security Systems