Steel Roller Shutter

The ARCO Steel Roller Shutter is available in 75mm slats, 100mm slats or 125mm slats with varying thicknesses of 0.6mm, 0.8mm, and 1.0mm. The Steel Roller Shutter is custom built from heavy-duty steel and has either a galvanised coating or factory powder coat finish. This type of door is suitable for factories, warehouses and other industrial applications as an economy option.

  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Custom built
  • Optional Pedestrian Door Access
  • Galvanised or powder coat finish
  • Motorised or Manual
Slats: Continuous roll formed interlocking slats
Operation: Motorised
Chain Op
Hand Op
Finish: Powdercoat
Slotted Wind locks
Alternate slat
and every 4th slat
Bottom Rail: Extruded Aluminium T
Taper to conform to floor
75mm box steel,
 Seals: Rubber bottom rail seal
Brush seal to lintel
 Locking:  Shoot-bolt
Pad locks
Locking by motor
 Locking:  Manual: Internal lockable Patio/Pad Bolt
Motorised: Magnetic Locking, Locking by motor  
Motorisation: Single Phase 1HP
3 Phase 1HP
HCR Duty Cycle
STR Duty
 Controls: In a lockable metal enclosure
PLC Logic Control
Variable Speed Drive
Send/Receive or Reflective type photocells
Keypad/Switch operation
Single & Dual Directional loop & detector
Transmitter controlled
GSM controlled and Swipe Cards
RTA interface for Emergency Services