Vertical Bi-fold Door

The ARCO fold-up door is custom designed and manufactured for all applications, any size, large or small where security and superior appearance is required.   When opening the door folds along a central hinge and moves upward coming to rest in a horizontal configuration immediately below the lintel.

  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications
  • Custom built for all structural requirements and architectural designs
  • 25% external projection
  • Extensive range of cladding and glazing materials available
  • Can be fitted with ARCO whisper quiet acoustic/vibration isolation system
  • Motorised or Manual
  • Over 1,000 cycles easily obtained per day
  • ARCO service/maintenance contracts available
  • DEEWR Code Compliant
  • Aust Standards AS1170, AS1250, AS1288, AS1418, AS 2759
Frame Construction:  Duragal R.H.S., Painted R.H.S., Hot Dip Galvanized RHS (Optional) 
Which conform to Aust Standards AS1170, AS1250 
Wind Load 0.5kpa (Standard) any wind load can be computed 
Frame Finish:  Two pack paint, Duragal with silver touch up
Prime coated
Hot Dip Galvanised
Optional Extras: Arco’s “Cable Sure” fall arrestor system
UPS (Battery Back-up systems)
Acoustic/Vibration Isolation System
Magnetic Locking
Mechanical Locking
Flashing Lights
Control Bollards
Rotating Beacons
Traffic Lights
Strobe Lights
Audible Alarms
Fire Alarm Inputs
Transmitter Controlled
GSM Controlled and Swipe Cards
Cladding & Glazing: There are many cladding options available, including but not limited to the following: 
Glass Doors:
  • Laminated glass, Toughened Glass which conform to Aust Standards AS1288
  • Anodised or Powder-coat Glazing Beads
  • Aluminium Kick Panels
Other Claddings:
  • Bargrill
  • Zincalume or Colorbond Sheeting
  • Perforated Aluminium Sheet
  • Mesh
  • Plywood
  • Timber
  • insulated paneling 
  • & more
 Casings: Folded flat sheet enclosing weights to door height
Ceiling height for showrooms and indoor applications (Optional)
 Seals:  Brush Seals, Rubber Seals or combinations
 Locking:  Manual: Internal lockable Patio/Pad Bolt
Motorised: Magnetic Locking, Locking by motor  
Infill Panels:   Incorporation of pedestrian doors
Side Panels
Overhead Infill to achieve desired headroom 
Motorisation: Single Phase
3 Phase 100% duty cycle with torque limited gearbox & Independent limit switches
Semi commercial single-phase 240V
on board controls
Manual release 
 Controls: In a lockable metal enclosure
PLC Logic Control
Variable Speed Drive
Send/Receive or Reflective type photocells
Keypad/Switch operation
Induction loop & detector
RTA interface for Emergency Services
Compatible with most Building Management & Security Systems 



Technical Drawing