Industrial Sliding Gate Operators

Designed & Manufactured by Arco this heavy-duty motorisation provides security and easily handles high volume operations.  The Arco operator can be utilised to operate on gates designed with or without track. 

  • Commercial/Industrial application
  • Car parks, freight terminals, corporate sites
  • High security
  • 240V motor or 415v 3ph inverter control (optional)
  • Heavy Duty gearbox
  • Input for loop detectors, photo electric cells and most types of access controls
  • Over 1,000 cycles easily obtained per day
  • ARCO service/maintenance contracts available
  • DEEWR Code Compliant
Laser Cut Steel Components

Ensure precision and reliability.

Rigid drive chassis:  

Eliminates twisting and breakage. 

Corrosion Protection:
Using zinc plating on critical components
 Bearing Surfaces:

Fitted to all shafts giving smooth operation and extended service life.

 High Torque Electro-Mechanical Drive System
Utilising a robust heavy duty gear box.
 Versatile Design
Allows for the operators to be used with or without track.

Optional Extras

Photo Electric Cell:

Sensors use a light beam to detect vehicles or other obstacles.

Induction Loop:

Detects vehicles by means of magnetic fields, the loop is usually cut into a shallow groove in the driveway.

Electric Lock/Latch:
Available for additional security.
Keypad, Push Button, Transmitters:

Control options available

 Battery Back-up, Solar:

Power options, 240 Volt or solar.