The Arco Vista Side Fold is produced to provide maximum vision with the use of glass or poly-carbonate whilst providing security and protection against the elements.

The Arco Vista is a great way to secure openings internally or externally with a more aesthetic style.

The ARCO Vista can be manufactured up to a maximum height of 4200mm with the width being endless. For technical information refer to our technical sheet A3

The Arco Vista is constructed with extruded aluminium and a heavy durable hinge system with glass infills that interlock.  Panel widths are custom made to size. The End posts or Intermediates are lockable to incorporate maximum security.

The Operation is by hand which requires the user to manoeuvre the door by pushing; pulling or feeding the doors into pockets or cupboards.  Our high-grade bearing wheels and tracking ensure ease of operation with our Vista folding door.

Standard finish is Clear anodised but can be powder coated as an optional extra.

Standard locking includes two-way keyed mortice lock mounted at 900 high and locks into holes drilled in top track and dust proof ferrules fitted to finished floors.
Our Euro cylinders give options of rear snib for keyless exiting. As well as master keying.

TRACK SUPPORT. The fitting of structural supports is completely the responsibility of the shop fitter or builder.

TRACK DIMENSIONS. The ARCO Vista use an Aluminium overhead track system. Dimensions being 36mm  wide by 38mm deep.

Closure weight starts from 6kg per square meterup to 16kg depending on infill and door type.

Infill Options

– UV stabilised extruded polycarbonate
– 6.38mm laminated glass
– Perforated Mesh
– Solid aluminium

Stacking Depths

Stacking Depths or Compaction can varydepending on the number of panels. The
thumb however is 55mm per panel.

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