Roller Grille

The Arco Grille was developed to optimise ventilation and vision requirements.

​Ideal and specifically for openings that require ventilation and good vision. Shopfronts, Office reception areas, Canteen (Kiosk), Restaurants, Cafes, Sporting clubs, Clubs in general, Education facilities, Hospitals just to name a few.

​The introduction of perforations give ventilation and vision panels with polycarbonate infills.

Manual Arco Grille can be manufactured up to 4000mm wide as a single door. Openings wider than this will incorporate removable mullions allowing the use of multiple doors.

Simple option of Motorisation is also available.

For technical information refer to our technical sheet A1

The Arco Grille curtain is constructed by using 12mm Aluminium tube connected with injection moulded polycarbonate links. (available in clear or black).

Each link is secured to tubes in a brick pattern formation at a spacing of 205mm.

Manual operation is by using Stainless steel handles (waist high) and the use of a pull hook to push open and pull closed where door is out of reach.

Motorised Open/Close via Standard flush fit key switch or option of remotes, card reader, keyless exiting etc.

All motorised doors supplied with battery backup as standard.

Standard finish is Clear anodised but can be powder coated as an optional extra.

Drum is manufactured using various sized spiral duct tube.

Ranging from 250mm (motorised), 229mm and 150mm. Fully enclosed with bearing end caps on a 33mm shaft.

The use of Arco’s engineered helical coil springs is designed to counterbalance the curtain weight when tensioned.

Brackets constructed with slotted angle made from 90mm x 40mm mild steel.

Side guides are 50mm deep and 33mm wide. Fitted either between walls or face fixed behind nib walls.

Mullions at 180 degrees are 150mm wide. Our unique design enables any special angle requirements.

Standard locking includes two-way keyed mortice lock mounted centrally in bottom rail and lock into holes drilled in side guides.

Options include rear snib for keyless exiting. As well as master keyable Lockwood profile.