Cafe Window

The Australian Made ARCO Hide-away door is individually engineered allowing you to maximise ground space whilst providing the perfect secure concealed room.

The ARCO Hide-away is fully custom built for each specific application.  This door is built for all structural requirements and architectural designs suitable for residential; commercial and industrial applications.

The ARCO Hide-Away can be Hot dip galvanised or two pack Luxathane paint finish
*Frame construction is engineered to comply with the relevant Australian Standards applicable

PLC & Logic Control system in a lockable metal enclosure with key-switch or push-button mounted on control box.  Safety features such as photo beams are included in the system; perimeter edge touch strips are a new Arco option. Other options include Transmitters and rotating beacons. Additional safety equipment such as Battery Up can be provided

The ARCO Hide-away standard base cladding is steel checker plate. The door is designed to suit your additional external cladding (by others) weight requirements.

3Phase motor with hydraulic power pack and reservoir system, with heavy duty double acting hydraulic rams, independently designed for each application.  The design is such that one ram is capable of supporting the total load in the unlikely event of a failure.

Arco’s Hideaway door can be supplied all over Australia, we recommend installation by our team of expert installers.