19MM Grille

The Arco 19mm Grille is produced for predominately large openings and High Security and protection with great ventilation and vision.

Ideal and specifically for Shopfronts, Large Frontage Department Stores. Shopping Centre Malls. Openings that Span up to 6.5 meters, Restaurants, Cafes, Sporting clubs, Clubs in general, Education facilities.

Ideal for situations where security is needed with the need of high Vision and Maximum ventilation.

Suitable for small car parks with moderate use.

Arco 19mm Grille can be manufactured up to 6500mm wide as a single door.

Manual doors can be made up to 5 square meters. And motorised using both 3phase or Single phased chain driven motors. Manual override by hauling chain.

The Arco 19mm Grille curtain is constructed by using 19mm extruded aluminium tubes connected by aluminium links 500mm apart in a brick pattern Bottom rail is Rigid and helps to structurally hold the curtain straight. Especially for larger spans.

Bottom Rail is also designed to accept a weather seal if required.

Manual operation is by hand and the use of a pull hook to push open and pull closed where door is out of reach. Only available up to 5 square meters in size.

Motorised Open/Close via Standard flush fit key switch or option of remotes, card reader etc.

Motorised doors can be supplied with Battery Back up at an additional charge, with the 240 Volt option preferable and most cost effective.

Standard finish is Clear anodised but can be powder coated as an optional extra.

Drum is manufactured using 9 and 10 inch spiral duct for manual doors and 6 or 8-inch seamless steel tube and prime painted after manufactured

for motorised doors. The use of Arco’s engineered helical coil springs is designed to counterbalance the curtain weight when tensioned.

Brackets constructed with slotted mild steel plates and fixed to sound structural support supplied by builder.

Side guides are extruded Aluminium and are designed to wrap around posts and fitted either between walls or face fixed behind nib walls.

Dimensions being 105mm deep and 40mm Wide.

Arco provide a 12-month warranty on defective materials and faulty workmanship.

Note: Warranty work is to be done during our normal business hours.