The fully Australian Made ARCO Cantilever sliding gate is designed for situations where tracks would restrict access or detract from the aesthetics of the location.

The ARCO Cantilever Sliding gate has a self- contained cradle with inbuilt motor & controls.

The ARCO Cantilever sliding gate is custom built for each specific application with 100% duty cycle.
Applications vary from high volume car parks to access control of secure sites. Gates in these situations are generally power operated, though manual operation is available.
The gate is supported by a “cradle” located adjacent to the opening on the side to which the gate slides when opening.
During operation the gate slides across the opening to a receiving post blocking all access, when opening the gate retracts through the cradle.

The ARCO Sliding gates have a Standard finish with either a two pack Luxathane paint finish or Powder coating over Duragal steel as well as Hot dip galvanised option.
*Frame construction is engineered to comply with the relevant Australian Standards applicable

The ARCO Sliding gate can be designed to accept a wide variety of cladding materials. *Non-combustible Composite Sheet such as Alpolic
*Solid or perforated Aluminium sheet including “Pic Perf”
*Vertical or Horizontal Bar Grill *Colorbond sheeting products such as trim deck, Custom orb, etc.
Gates can be supplied “Frame Only” for cladding on site such as timber. *Cladding materials are limited only by your imagination and physical constraints.

Single phase; 3 phase or DC options are available and can be torque limited and have independent limits and 100% duty-cycle.
Manual release is standard for most options

Manual – Various locking options are available
Motorised – By motor or magnetic locking

PLC & Logic Control system can include variable speed control and Battery Back Up. (essential when the gate is required to open on FIP signal) and normally require only single- phase supply.
Safety features such as photo beams etc. can be included in the system as well as keypad/key-switch operation; induction loop & detector as well as emergency service interfacing.

Arco products can be supplied all over Australia, we recommend installation by our team of expert installers although self or assisted installation is available.

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